Great to hear that a Borderlands 2 patch for #PSVita is in the works. @IToTheG

The only reason to own the competition is no longer a reason at all. #Peggle2 #PS4 #PS4share


Playing Killzone Mercenary on Playstation TV is exactly how I would expect it to function with a Dualshock 4. Intuitive controls.

So Playstation TV #RemotePlay could be better sadly. Local Ethernet network. Low graphics while streaming games, worse than native #PSVita.

Having a Vita with Ethernet is amazing. #PlayStationTV


RT @TheVitaLounge: Of course the big news is that after what seems like forever, the #PSVita will finally get #Minecraft! How many of you a…

Minecraft #PSVita trophies are the same as #PS4. This is great news! Trophy list appears to be separate, also great news!

I’m already mega addicted to @Diablo #UltimateEvilEdition on #PS4 and now they add in a temporary double Goblin buff?! #HopelesslyAddicted

RT @Diablo: It’s time to get your buff on, nephalem! #UltimateEvilEdition


RT @PlayStation: Minecraft PS Vita Edition hits PS Store on Tuesday! Retail version drops on 11/11…


Funny thread I found on @Diablo BNet forums from 2012:… Dreams of Greed’s Domain and Westmarch in game. Foretelling.