Had a great holiday fishing. Caught two #chinooksalmon on the #ColumbiaRiver. Bring on #DontStarve #PSVita tomorrow! http://t.co/xGgJ1GWX7m


.@SFGiants Win! #ItsMyBirthday

RT @PeggleOfficial: It’s official!

We’re excited to announce that Peggle 2 is coming to the PlayStation 4 on October 14th! http://t.co/GF…


Today is wobbler fishing day! #columbiariver #salmon #ItsMyBirthday http://t.co/e8hAuyo95a


RT @hunterpence: The feeling in Diablo3 RoS when you run into a room full of treasure goblins and a Conduit shrine!!! OMG IM SO HAPPY!!!

Watch Dogs #PS4 is still on sale at Amazon for under $40: amazon.com/gp/product/B00… Does this mean it’ll be under $30 soon?

Ok @PlayStation you’re up! I am now feverishly awaiting the “New #PSVita” announcement.

Starting the adventure. #OnlyOnPS4 http://t.co/6eIErtZmfm


RT @PSVita_Direct: It’s a great day for #PSVita gamers indeed, go clean your memorycards or upgrade to bigger ones ASAP!

RT @shahidkamal: Thanks to @giocorsi, @bigc_33, @ShaneWatch, @nsuttner and the grand master @amboyes for some great announcements today. Yo…

As a huge 2D game fan, Metal Slug is still one of my favorite games of all time. Coming to #PSVita!

RT @nsuttner: We announced two awesome new Pub Fund games this morning for PS4/Vita! @skastudios‘ Salt and Sanctuary, and @BenjaminRivers‘ …