Rogue Legacy is incredible. Should be an entertaining plane flight this afternoon! #PSVita

Rogue Legacy is out now! #PS4 live at

Rogue Legacy comes out tomorrow on #PSVita. Pre-order now on PSN for 20% off!… Stock up on PSN credit!

Don’t Starve Beefalo with baby.


Ogre in a hidden area on the Moon. #Destiny


Destiny: Man On The Moon live at

RT @Bungie: Play Destiny tomorrow (7/26) at 2PM Pacific. Go to the Moon.…


RT @IsType0VitaOut: No.

RT @Engine_RvdM: Since people keep asking: Terraria PS4 will have full cross-save and cross-play compatibility with Vita AND PS3. This was …

RT @VitaNewsPLUS: This list is PURE awesomeness! Please check it out so you know what to look forward to, and your wallet what not.…

Still giving away a #Destiny beta code for #PS4. Name the Bungie game in which I have published content in the retail box! #destinybeta

@johnwilliams713: @ps_vitablog boom, thanks!” Enjoy!