.@IndieGamerChick delivers me happiness in the form of a free game. Follow her for your own this weekend! #GamesMatter

What is this giant bird shadow?! #PSVitaShare #DontStarve http://t.co/GQLg1YGHhn


RT @thanatosys: @PSVita_Direct #NeoGAF‘s list of upcoming #PSVita games, please see and RT: neogaf.com/forum/showthre…

RT @EngineSoftware: Hello Twitter! Follow us for the latest news, screenshots and updates on our games! #myfirstTweet #Gamedev #Games

RT @4JStudios: @AArdvark_doesmc @Jakiee420 We’re intending to add functionality to allow you to resize a PS4 world in a future update.

As expected the save file transfer for #MinecraftPS3 to #MinecraftPS4 is half baked. Transferred worlds maintain the small PS3 size. Oy.

Pengulls have moved out and lag is gone. Please fix @klei @BlitWorks #PSVita #DontStarve http://t.co/obPu61YOhW


RT @4JStudios: We’re still bug fixing #MinecraftPSVita. We’ll let you know when we hand it over to Sony.

Hopefully we’ll get #PSVita Minecraft soon…

Business articles on MS buying Minecraft point to using it to defeat Sony. PlayStation will be lucky to have Minecraft in 12 months.

RT @TBIT: Scariest Creeper Ever #minecraft http://t.co/5jpsE5Y1kQ


I agree 100%. Lots of what ifs. Many bad. “@Kotaku: Why Microsoft spent $2.5 billion on the makers of Minecraft: bit.ly/1s3yLFy