RT @Kappische: And Sony friends – you will get a Minecraft surprise soon..or maybe sooner?! ;)

Gamma seems a little dark on a #PSVita slim. #DontStarve http://t.co/Fv8VXbATCM


@majornelson: Minecraft: Xbox One Edition arrives this Friday – starting at $4.99 for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition” Your move @PlayStation

RT @GameOverGreggy: But remember, there are no games on Vita. http://t.co/iBA7usFWh9


@mistress_shah: @klei I’m gonna buy it anyway. Gotta support good developers!” +1

Free DLC for #SAOHF is available today on #PSVita. Costumes, Missions, Challenges & more! #SwordArtOnline

RT @klei: Thanks to @BlitWorks @shahidkamal @ShaneWatch @amboyes @nuttner @ystanpees for making Don’t Starve Vita happen!

It really happened! #DontStarve is in my hands! Thank you @klei & @BlitWorks for making this a reality. #PSVita http://t.co/jwe576bWJz


I can confirm that #DontStarve #PSVita has the same trophy list as #PS4 version but they are not shared. http://t.co/iyvMlnADxS


So happy that I was able to pay @klei for #DontStarve on #PSVita by downloading before the PS+ entitlement applied. http://t.co/xxzwa09fc3


Had a great holiday fishing. Caught two #chinooksalmon on the #ColumbiaRiver. Bring on #DontStarve #PSVita tomorrow! http://t.co/xGgJ1GWX7m


.@SFGiants Win! #ItsMyBirthday