MS paid money to keep @tombraider away from Playstation, don’t think $2.5B for Minecraft was just to earn cred. It will go exclusive.

RT @notch: Respectfully, I’m not going to be doing any interviews.

Proud of @notch doing what he needed to do. I completely understand. Sell to highest bidder and walk away.

The end of days for #Minecraft. Was a good run, time to focus on other games.

#Destiny remote play and the NFL. Go Niners!


RT @Bungie: Your next (and greatest) challenge in Destiny begins soon. The Vault of Glass opens at 2AM Pacific on September 16th. Brave eno…

Really looking forward to gearing up for raids. That’s when #Destiny gets real. Heroics, oh yes I will being doing those a ton too.

#Destiny to me is the Diablo shooter I’ve been looking for. BL doesn’t compare on the loot level. Grinding bosses? Ever play Diablo? Love it

“It’s Borderlands but not funny. It’s Halo but grindy.” Ever play Diablo? It’s pretty popular. Thank you @Bungie 4 not creating a CoD clone.

So let’s compare #Destiny to other games that either don’t exist or aren’t even related. Let’s also review a game that isn’t even all open.

The lag in #DontStarve #PSVita I can’t play it :( Please fix @klei @BlitWorks.

I think its the penguins that have something to do with the laggy play of #DontStarve #PSVita. They’re always causing trouble…