Fun fact: @Borderlands has been more engaging on #PSVita for me. I’ve progressed further on #PSVita than any console version I’ve played.

So having a 50” #PSVita is going to be an awesome reality on October 14th! #PlayStationTV

I don’t want a larger screen iPad. I’d buy a larger screen #PSVita instantly.

RT @klei: Don’t Starve is part of the PSN PAX Prime 2014 sale! It’s 30% off. PSN+ members can get an additional 20% off!!/en-ca/games…

I need to deactivate all my PS systems due to a lost #PSVita. What are the downsides of doing this option for the systems I still have?

Very happy to see Amazon buy Twitch.

RT @yosp: Cross Buy w/PS4 version! :D “Don’t Starve: Giant Edition coming to PS Vita on September 2nd:…


If the next Assassin’s Creed game is anything like AC2 I’m in. I try and try to get into AC4 but the naval stuff gets in the way.

Ok guys and gals… The Last of Us is really good. That story! #LateToTheParty #Backlogged

RT @Roll_7: Hey people in the US of A OlliOlli is now LIVE on PSN. Go pick up a copy now! And its 10% off (20% off for PS Plus!)

RT @barbiebobomb: YOU GUYS

I got to play 2 of our upcoming unannounced tables. They are both freaking rad as hell. I can’t wait for everyo…

Walking Dead Pinball is out today on #PSVita. Excited to see a non-Marvel/Star Wars table :)