Minecraft #PSVita trophies are the same as #PS4. This is great news! Trophy list appears to be separate, also great news!

I’m already mega addicted to @Diablo #UltimateEvilEdition on #PS4 and now they add in a temporary double Goblin buff?! #HopelesslyAddicted

RT @Diablo: It’s time to get your buff on, nephalem! #UltimateEvilEdition bit.ly/ueebuff http://t.co/oHNCoY6YsV


RT @PlayStation: Minecraft PS Vita Edition hits PS Store on Tuesday! bit.ly/1s2v3cb Retail version drops on 11/11 http://t.co/f8L6V…


Funny thread I found on @Diablo BNet forums from 2012: us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/to… Dreams of Greed’s Domain and Westmarch in game. Foretelling.

RT @hunterpence: This is how you photobomb! Sorry for scooting through your shot @CBSSF #Believe http://t.co/3Hh98M0OWY


RT @4JStudios: #MinecraftPSVita passed final test and will be released on 15th October in Europe!

RT @4JStudios: We don’t have a confirmed North America #MinecraftPSVita release date yet. Hopefully we’ll hear soon.

RT @4JStudios: We’re waiting too, but we should have news later today…

Unicorns in my @Diablo #PS4share http://t.co/WmiWoA7pyj


RT @Lorderk: Driveclub Baseball Cap Edition is working great. Not sure what everyone is complaining about. http://t.co/iYzqyRYhSX


RT @DuvalMagic: And here’s an even better one game from SF MoMA. Imagine if everyone on Earth played this game every day! http://t.co/u6luI…